Think Tanoa is still down. was there an update?
Tanoa still down. going on 4 hours now....
Tanoa has been down for a while.
Tanoa still down
tanoa server is down


EliteSniperx16 a posted Sep 16, 16

Welcome to our ExileZombies website!

Join our TeamSpeak 3 Server!

TS3 IP:  TeamSpeakDownload


ExileZombies Altis Server IP:

ExileZombies Tanoa Server IP:

Mods on the Server:

- Advanced Rappelling: STEAMDOWNLOAD

- Advanced Sling Loading:  STEAMDOWNLOAD

- Advanced Towing: STEAMDOWNLOAD

- Advanced Urban Rappelling: STEAMDOWNLOAD



- Extended_Base_Mod:  STEAMDOWNLOAD


- TRYK [TRYK's Multi-play Uniforms]: STEAMDOWNLOAD

- Exile Mod: DOWNLOAD

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bentoneKnow i got no business bitchen, free server and all, but twice my gaz full of gear has been ripped at the traders; once left just outside the zone and locked, and again 30 minutes or so game time after a server crash forced disconnect. =(

Any thoughts admin?
EliteSniperx16   its best to not leave stuff at traders just go hide it when you log off
[Donor] Badger_RR   Also be aware that if you have a knife you can attempt to pick the code, could be someone got into your vehicle that way.
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